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In addition, the airlines use [ Digital Buzz had this to [ Solution: Add a reader with [ At the end of last year, digitalbuzzblog. The website also revealed QR codes that [ Get your daily fix of digital honey with Digital Buzz! Featuring the latest digital ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing ideas, virals, industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital trends from all over the world.

The Rise of QR Codes. Logging In Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. View January 28, Wissenschaft und neue Medien. View January 31, View February 1, What does have in store for the world of payments? View February 7, View April 24, View April 27, View July 5, View July 20, View July 30, Hint: somewhere near the middle of the season will be a good point to assume that whatever projects are started will be completed by July It's going to be a fun three years watching this new little deadline become a focus and target of so many projects and plans in the neighborhood And hopefully with this good news we can now dispense with " DCisReady.

Now it's time to get you non-neighborhood types up to speed on what's changed outside the ballpark since the last time you visited. The neighborhood is pretty darn different compared to when the Nats took up residence in , and it's fair to say there is more development now underway than at anytime since Here's a rundown. BonChon has special game day hours, staying open until 11 pm Sundays-Wednesdays and midnight Thursdays-Saturdays.

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Kitty corner from the Half Street Metro entrance is The Big Stick , with a sausages-and-sandwiches menu and also quite the lineup of craft beers and other beverages. A more fast casual option is Montaditos , which serves small sandwiches on crispy buns different ones to choose from , and someone has eaten them all along with other Spanish delicacies along with draft beer and sangria.

There's also a new Subway at Half and M, plus a new Harris Teeter at 4th and M at if you feel like grabbing some groceries. Here's the full restaurant map , all nice and interactive and Googily. But if you can't bear to click through, here's a quick rundown: In addition to the Hampton Inn that sprouted just across from Nats Parking Lot C last year and should be completed by the end of , work is now underway just to its north on 1st Street on Ballpark Square perhaps not its real name , which will have a ish-unit apartment building, a room hotel, an office building, and 45, square feet of retail when construction is completed, probably in Immediately to the north of the subway entrance, a new room Homewood Suites just getting started at Half and M.

And the three lots across N Street from the stadium and its garages now have new owners, who seem motivated to get new residential projects underway in late or It may mean the end of the Fairgrounds after this season--or at least it'll get a lot smaller--but change marches on. Note that one of these is going to change the view of the Anacostia River from the stadium's viewing platform a fair amount, so begin to prepare yourself.

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Also look for a temporary park to sprout later this year on the huge empty lot just northeast of the ballpark. And possibly a big beer garden and park immediately to the south of the stadium, if the Bardo folks' vision comes to fruition. It would probably be easier to just read JDLand religiously in the off-season. Play ball! And Bonchon! Are you sensing a pattern? One bright spot in the offing, though--a space lot will return to the northeast corner of 1st and N on the former Spooky Building site , but it still has to be built--they are hoping it'll be done later this summer.

But confirmation on some of the other cash lots--especially the ones on the west side of South Capitol--will have to wait until this weekend or Opening Day. Any and all intel on these lots will be much appreciated! Also watch for lots of construction around the neighborhood, with some street parking eliminated but you weren't using that anyway, RIGHT? And the walk from your lot to the ballpark might require tiptoeing around some closed sidewalks, especially on the west side of 1st Street south of M. As for getting to the stadium, note that, if you use Maine Avenue in Southwest to get to the ballpark, the construction at the Wharf may impact your route--plus it has done quite a number on the asphalt along there.

Finally, if you use South Capitol Street alongside the ballpark, keep it to 25 mph, because there are currently speed cameras set up in both directions. Check the parking page for more information.

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Comments 11 More posts: parking , Nationals Park Photo Gallery: What's New at Nats Park for Apr 1, PM There was a gaggle of media types at Nats Park on Wednesday to get a big tour of all of the offerings and changes that will greet fans throughout the team's "10th anniversary" season. From lots of new food to the new Norfolk Southern club level to the new not-for-plebes Club 24 to the new grass to the soon-to-be-new team store to the new mumblemumble metal detectors, there was a lot to cover.

Which means I took a lot of photos. Virginia biscuits? Korean BBQ tacos? Grilled cheese sammiches? Club-level choo-choos? No, really. Here's a smattering click to enlarge , but go look at the gallery , which also has a lot of detail about what you'll see during the season. I'll also be adding here links to the more straightfoward coverage of the day. Here's MASN's coverage.

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And Eater's. And MLB. Comments 5 More posts: Nationals Park Tuesday Tidbits: All Over the Map Mar 31, AM The clear skies were just perfect this weekend, and so I ended up walking a whole lot of miles and taking a whole lot of photos on both Saturday and Sunday --including a new "official" JDLand Nats Park portrait, as you see, where I also inadvertently caught the former centerfield plaza statues in their new home. Official word could come on April 6, when new commissioner Rob Manfred comes to Nationals Park to throw out the Opening Day first pitch.

It also shows the original "local" bridge. I'm begging the hosting company to get them fixed, but in the meantime, at least the errors generally never last more than a few seconds. Count to 10 and hit refresh, and your requested page should appear though then sometimes it takes a little longer for images and formatting to return. UPDATE: And then the site took a breather for an hour early this afternoon, which seemed to finally get the attention of the hosting folks, though I think there are still all manner of configuration issues that they need to fix.

Why this has to happen in March and not December, I don't know During this period, violators will receive warning citations.

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After the 30 day warning period, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators. I'll note that this sign about the procedures will probably not be met with glee. I wasn't at the event, but I did get my own shot on Sunday of the new installations at the Center Field Gate, as you see at right. The new security screening procedures will be in place starting with the April 4 exhibition game against the Yankees. Arrive early! Please 'pardon our dust' as we prepare the water features and basin. We'll update here when finished! This work has had hearts aflutter that there could be some new development coming there, but it is actually just CSX clearing its considerable tract of land as prep work continues for the Virginia Avenue Tunnel.

Click all to enlarge. Tunnel , South Capitol St. Except for those of you who work for places that don't close, like, say, daily newspapers. This was a nice little snow, but I remain spoiled by the ghost of , the winter that this snow lover will always remember.

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This Nats Park shot is from Feb. It was a pretty different neighborhood that I traisped around in getting photos But the latter gives me an excuse to mention that I have finally built a Van Ness project page! But you can still read the Post's preview piece on the hearing. In the meantime, there's a zoning case to be heared in March to allow them to stay in their current spot during this year, while their new home is prepped. No hints on why. See paragraph 5. Thank heavens I spelled "artisanal" correctly. Season ticket holders get their shot on Wednesday. Believe it or not, this will be the Nationals' 11th season in DC and the 8th at Nats Park , so there are a whole slew of anniversary-related promotions planned this year, including Year Tuesdays, six games that will feature special guests, pregame ceremonies, and giveaways. There will also be king cake served in the light cube, and of course beads will be flung. Checking to find out whether they will be marching through the snow.

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  6. From 6 pm to 10 pm, the restaurant will donate 40 percent of its receipts from all sales made to people with the fundraiser flyer in hand. And if you didn't RSVP, that's okay.