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NJOY has implemented a new recycling program to offset this program. It is much cheaper to order this e-cig online and with this coupon code, the savings are really undeniable. Now ECR is providing you with a way to get even better prices on this awesome new service thanks to our exclusive coupon codes! Each month, they send you out a fresh box of cartomizers so you never find yourself empty handed when you are craving a vape.

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Whether you choose to be a Silver, Gold, or Platinum member of this exclusive vaping club, you will experience a lot of great perks! Choose your membership based on your current smoking habits and then enjoy a never ending supply of cartridges each month for a reasonable subscription fee. Gold and Platinum members even get free shipping on their monthly cartomizer supplies! It is a perfect fit for smokers that prefer Light cigarettes. It still has that same smooth feeling that vapers love, but it has a little more kick than the Blue flavor.

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Grab the exclusive ECR coupon code below and you can start saving on your membership today. You need an e-cig that will give you a satisfying amount of vapor and a high quality experience every time. Now you can enjoy huge savings on all Ever Smoke e-cig products with our exclusive coupon codes and discounts. Most choose from one of two Ever Smoke batteries: the long Puffs or the standard Puffs. The best way to begin using Ever Smoke e cigs will be with the purchase of a starter kit.

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Use one of the Ever Smoke coupon deals below to get this amazing kit at an even lower price. Vapor Couture has designed an electronic cigarette that works perfectly and has a slim, fashionable appearance plus a sparkling tip. Vapor Couture is one of the most popular e-cig brands for ladies because of its stylish design and all the options to customize the look to match your current outfit or style. You can use our coupon codes and discounts on any Vapor Couture product, but we recommend you start with one of these starter kits:.

Now ECR is giving readers even more savings on their favorite Zero Cigs products with exclusive coupon codes and discounts. Zero Cigs has been one of the top ranked e-cigs since They provide their customers with great products and affordable prices. Now Zero Cigs is offering a brand new refill program. Choosing a starter kit is the simplest way to start enjoying the great value of Zero Cigs.


This kit includes everything in the ZeroCig Deluxe Kit plus 8 packs of high nicotine cartridges, 4 packs of medium nicotine cartridges, and 2 packs of zero nicotine cartridges. By weaning down the levels of nicotine, smokers can gradually break that nicotine addiction for good. Use one of our exclusive coupon codes to save even more on your next ZeroCig starter kit or refill order. Some e-cig fans believe this will be the 1 brand in the near future. Now you can save big on your favorite Crown7 e-cigs with the exclusive coupon codes here at ECR. Unlike most of the electronic cigarettes on the market today, Crown7 has been around since , when electronic cigarettes first reached the United States.

This gives them something the newer companies lack: experience. The years have taught Crown7 exactly what the average consumer wants and needs from their electronic cigarettes. The Crown7 e cigs use replaceable cartridges, which come loaded with e-liquid and ready to use. Each cartridge will last about as long as two packs of cigarettes.

Crown7 provides free shipping on all cartridges as an extra bonus! Before you buy your Crown7 starter kit or stock up on cartridges, make sure you take advantage of our coupon codes. Rest assured, when you make the switch from traditional cigarettes to the Firebrand electronic cigarette, people will notice. The Firebrand electronic cig is revolutionary both in function and looks.

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Now you can enjoy huge savings on your favorite Firebrand products using our exclusive ECR discounts and coupon codes. Grab a coupon code and try the Firebrand cartridges. Each cartridge is equipped with 2. You will be able to choose from an impressive variety of flavors. Firebrand offers three different batteries to choose from.

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The most impressive is the Titanium Falcon, which will last for three days of moderate puffing. The Titanium Falcon can be charged at least times before it will have to be replaced. Top that with a coupon code from ECR and you will have a brand new Firebrand kit at a rock bottom price. At ECR, we are big fans of Halo e-cigs.

You will recognize their e-cigs immediately from the bright blue flame on their packaging.

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This eye-catching brand logo has come to symbolize great customer service and excellent prices. Now you can get even bigger savings on your favorite Halo electronic cigarettes, cartridges, and e-liquids using exclusive coupon savings from ECR. In addition to selling a very nice electronic cigarette, Halo has also created a points system that has become very popular with customers. Points can be acquired two different ways: purchasing Halo products, and helping Halo promote themselves on social media websites.

The Halo Company believes that you should be able to choose what type of vaping experience you prefer. In addition to prefilled cartridges, you also have the choice to purchase blank cartridges that you fill yourself.

Grab one of our coupons and save even more on your Halo purchase. Inside your Halo kit, you receive 2 smoke tanks, 2 batteries, 1 cone, a USB adapter, a wall charger, and a Halo case. The starter kit comes in a variety of fun and interesting colors.

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At ECR, we are providing you with the latest discounts and savings on Halo products. You can get the newest discounts and coupon codes for all Halo products here. SmokeTip is one of our top rated brands at ECR because people love the stream lined experience this e-cig provides. Rather than offering dozens of starter kit options, SmokeTip keeps it simple with one kit that includes everything you need for daily vaping. Once you buy the starter kit, you will only to stock up on cartridges so you always have a nicotine fix handy when you need it.

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This brand offers a sliding price scale so the more cartridges you order, the lower the price. Now you can get SmokeTip at the lowest price ever by using our exclusive coupon codes for additional savings. Our coupons work for starter kits and cartridges and you can use them anytime!

SmokeTip has gotten rave reviews for their cartridges and our own review team was really pleased with the selection of flavors. To sweeten the deal even more, this brand gives everyone free shipping and all products come with a 30 day money back guaranty and a lifetime warranty. Choose from four nicotine strengths and 21 unique flavors to get the ultimate customization in vaping. Take advantage of our coupon codes below and place your SmokeTip order today!

Pure Cigs offers vapers a good selection of disposable e-cigarettes, starter kits, and refill cartridges in multiple flavors and nicotine strengths. This brand offers a high quality e-cig at a really affordable price, making it the perfect choice for both new vapers and the more experienced e-cig user. Once you are all set up with a starter kit, you can select your cartridges with seven yummy flavors to keep your palate from ever feeling bored.

We love this kit because it includes a powerful battery that lasts three times longer than a typical ecig model. That means you will get up to puffs from one charge, which is equal to three packs of cigarettes. The XL Kit comes with two batteries and four cartridges along with a USB charger so you can easily power up your ecig whenever the need arises. When you try Pure Cigs, you will quickly discover why this brand is highly rated by consumers in reviews.

You will get superior clouds of vapor, a satisfying throat hit, and a great variety of flavors to make it the ultimate vaping selection.